Release History

Version 1.0 - 25/April/2002:
Release history
Version 1.1 - 19/August/2002:
Release history
Version 1.2 - 7/January/2003:
Release history
Version 1.3 - 14/May/2003:
Release history
Version 1.4 - 10/June/2003:
Release history
Version 1.5 - 20/May/2004:
1.50000 (20/May/2004 13:00 GMT):
GALAHAD-Python GUI to major packages added (see README.gui)
Internal environment variable CUTER changed to CUTERUSED throughout to avoid possible clash with CUTEr variable of the same name.
Copyright statement replaced by call to COPYRIGHT routine in filtrane.f90, useqpa.f90, useqpab.f90, useqpb.f90, usepre.f90 and uselanb.f90 uselanb.f90.
Version 2.epsilon - 21/September/2006:
2.epsilon (21/Sep/2006 17:45 GMT):
New packages EQP, WCP, QPC, FDC, RPD, SBLS, ULS and SPACE added.
Numerous improvements to existing packages.
Makemaster system redesigned.
Version 2.2 - 12/June/2008:
2.20000 (12/Jun/2008 15:00 GMT):
New packages LSTR, LSRT and L2RT added.
Numerous improvements to existing packages.
Version 2.3 - 21/January/2009:
2.30000 (21/Jan/2009 15:00 GMT):
New packages TRS and RQS added.
Limited Matlab support for packages qpc and wcp under g95.
Numerous improvements to existing packages.
Version 2.4 - 19/February/2011:
2.40000 (18/Feb/2011 16:50 GMT):
New packages QP, CQP, SCALE, and SLS added.
Support for shared-memory paralelism using openmp introduced for some linear solvers.
Hooks for external software added.
MATLAB support for all QP solvers added.
Major overhall of makefiles.
Numerous improvements to existing packages.
2.40001 (7/Mar/2011 18:30 GMT):
Clock times added to all QP packages and their relations.
Updates to Matlab versions to accomodate this.
2.40002 (17/Apr/2011 16:30 GMT):
Interface to HSL_MA97 added to SLS.
2.40003 (17/Mar/2011 16:30 GMT):
Matlab interfaces updated to support Matlab R2011a.
2.40004 (1/Sep/2011 08:30 GMT):
Many enhancements to CQP.
2.40005 (2/Sep/2011 09:30 GMT):
Additional resolve entry to EQP added.
2.40006 (1/Dec/2011 08:30 GMT):
Dense options added to TRS and RQS.
LAPACK solver support added to SLS.
MC61 band/wavefront reduction added to SLS.
Extra subroutines added to SORT.
2.40007 (10/Jan/2012 08:30 GMT):
QP cross-over package CRO added.
QPC extended to accommodate CRO.
2.40008 (16/May/2012 13:30 GMT):
SBLS solve_iterative added.
iterative option added to CQP.
2.40009 (20/Sep/2012 10:30 GMT):
Important bug fixes for Matlab interfaces.
Version 2.5 - 26/April/2013:
2.50000 (26/Apr/2013 08:00 GMT):
New packages FDH and TRU added.
CUTEr support replaced by CUTEst.
instalation mechanism updated and unified with CUTEst.
Version 3.0 - 27/Feb/2018:
Released under LGPL 3.0.
New packages ARC, DQP and NLS added.
Distribution host updated.
Version 4.0 - 28/Mar/2022:
Released under LGPL 3.0.
New packages BLLS, BQP, BQPB, TRB, UGO, BGO, DGO and PSLS added.
C interfaces to most packages introduced.
Installation system updated.
Version 5.0 - 25/Jun/2024:
Released under 3-Clause BSD License
New packages CLLS, LSR, LLST and SLLS added.
MUMPS and Pastix support added to SLS.
Python, Julia and enhanced C interfaces to most packages introduced.
32- and 64-bit integer support provided.