The design and scope of GALAHAD is described in the paper
        [PDF (300Kbytes)]

N. I. M. Gould, D. Orban, and Ph. L. Toint,
"GALAHAD, a library of thread-safe
Fortran 90 packages for large-scale
nonlinear optimization",
ACM Trans. Math. Software 29(4):
353-372, 2004,

Benchmark results from detailed comparisons of various options of LANCELOT B are avalaible in the report
        [PDF (200Kbytes)]

N. I. M. Gould, D. Orban, and Ph. L. Toint,
"Results from a numerical evaluation of LANCELOT B"
Numerical Analysis Group Internal Report 2002-1
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, England

Relevant documentation of the earlier LANCELOT package is available in the book

A. R. Conn, N. I. M. Gould and Ph. L. Toint,
"LANCELOT: a Fortran package for large-scale
  nonlinear optimization (Release A)",
Springer Series in Computational Mathematics
Vol. 17 (1992), Springer Verlag (Heidelberg,
New York), ISBN 3-540-55470-X.

Documentation for individual packages is also available.