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Release History for Version 1.4 - 10/June/2003

1.40000 (10/June/2003 12:30 GMT):
Major new module filtrane.f90 added. Filtrane finds a feasible point for a system of (nonlinear) equations and inequalities using a trust-region filter algorithm.
Auxiliary module nlpt.f90 also added to provide a derived type and associated functionality for holding nonlinear optimization problems.
Extra variables defined in symbols.f90.
Documentation updated to reflect the above.
1.40001 (30/June/2003 11:00 GMT):
AMPL interface to Filtrane added.
QPA internal procedures QPA_is_are and QPA_s moved to module TOOLS and renamed TOOLS_is_are and TOOLS_s in tools.f90.
Stop statement in use_* subroutines changed to return.
Checking for non-existent problem name now handled solely by SIF decoder, SifDec.
1.40002 (23/July/2003 14:00 GMT):
Invalid "END INTERFACE" arguments removed from tools.f90.
1.40003 (01/August/2003 08:30 GMT):
zeta now correctly set if there are no inequality constraints in qpb.f90.
RHS randomization removed on error exit from qpa.f90.
Bug in makemaster file for filtrane fixed.
1.40004 (04/August/2003 17:00 GMT):
control%multiplier_tol introduced to allow slightly infeasible dual variables and multipliers in qpa.f90.
1.40005 (14/August/2003 11:30 GMT):
new_problem_structure correctly restored on exit from lsqp.f90, qpa.f90 and qpb.f90.
Proper exit from qpa.f90 if problem is an unbounded l_1 QP.
Very close pairs of problem bounds will be changed to equalities in lsqp.f90 and qpb.f90: control%identical_bounds_tol introduced to handle this.
Incorrect choice of dependent constraints corrected in lsqp.f90.
Documentation updated to reflect the above.
1.40006 (22/August/2003 16:30 GMT):
The directory ./src/aux renamed ./src/auxiliary to prevent difficulties with Windows-based UNIX simulators, since aux is a reserved Windows directory! All makemaster files updated.
1.40007 (02/September/2003 09:00 GMT):
Improvements to filter margin control included in filtrane.f90.
1.40008 (11/September/2003 09:30 GMT):
Added Dilipan Sébastiampillai (INSA Rouen/U. Cranfield)'s PDF document, on how to install LANCELOT B under Windows, to the doc directory.
1.40009 (21/October/2003 18:00 GMT):
Guard against stagnation in GLTR_leftmost_eigenvalue in gltr.f90.
1.40010 (10/November/2003 08:30 GMT):
Check to remove pre-existing AUTOMAT.d file in sdgal script.
1.40011 (09/January/2004 12:30 GMT):
Correct intent for INFO and IFLAG for MA27 given in hslint.f90.
Format number corrected in frntl.f90. and filtrane.f90.
Unwanted imported variables removed from useqpa.f90, useqpab.f90, useqpb.f90, usepre.f90 and presolve.f90
1.40012 (19/January/2004 10:00 GMT):
Keyword typo when reading specfile corrected in uselanb.f90
1.40013 (02/February/2004 15:15 GMT):
Unacceptable initial penalty parameters reset to defaults in useqpa.f90
Incorrect deallocation of IW1 removed from precn.f90
1.40014 (06/February/2004 12:45 GMT):
Missing interfaces to CCFSG and CCIFSG added and wrong array extent in UBANDH corrected in cuterinter.f90.
1.40015 (28/March/2004 10:30 GMT):
Default initial array sizes for factorized changed in sils.f90.
1.40016 (08/April/2004 10:00 GMT):
Component name added to QPT_problem_type in qpt.f90
1.40017 (18/May/2004 08:15 GMT):
Depricated SNRM2 replaced by equivalent "streamlined" DNRM2 in blas.f.
Mixed precision arguments to MIN separated in sils.f90.

Last Update: May 20th, 2004