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Release History for Version 1.1 - 19/August/2002

1.10000 (19/August/2002 14:00 GMT):
Extra subroutine SORT_reorder_by_rows added to sort.f90
Avoid overriding defaults for objective constants, fixed further bad "range" section assignments, and correct repeated quadratic Hessian terms in QPT_write_to_sif in qpt.f90.
Internal ordering routine replaced by SORT_reorder_by_row and full array extents provided when outputing problem in runqpa.f90 and runqpb.f90.
Load order of GALAHAD and CUTEr packages interchanged in gal script
Do not perturbed constraints if they are only simple bounds in qpa.f90.
1.10001 (20/August/2002 19:50 GMT):
a_ne set correctly when m = 0 in presolve.f90.
Array GRJAC changed to intent INOUT in LANCELOT_form_gradients in lancelot.f90.
1.10002 (03/September/2002 16:30 GMT):
Full solution printed if print_level > 1 in lancelot.f90.
Multipliers for violated constituents correctly set in qpa.f90.
inform%nfacts correctly updated for Schur complement in lsqp.f90. and qpb.f90.
1.10003 (18/November/2002: 09:20 GMT):
SORT_reorder_by_rows now copes with matrices with no rows in sort.f90.
1.10004 (22/November/2002: 10:30 GMT):
Ensure that the perturbation when using inverse iteration in GLTR_leftmost_eigenvector is large enough in gltr.f90.
1.10005 (29/November/2002: 13:10 GMT):
Extra arguments introduced to allow changing bandwidth in bndsl.f90. and precn.f90.
Corrected sign assigment for the re-entry option in gltr.f90.
1.10006 (5/December/2002: 10:10 GMT):
Bodge for possible infinite stepsize gltr.f90 (fix properly later).
1.10007 (17/December/2002 17:00 GMT):
maxaie, nylio, nyuio, ncuio, nclio correctly initialized in presolve.f90.

Last Update: January 7th, 2003