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Release History for Version 1.0 - 25/April/2002

1.00000 (25/April/2002 07:30 GMT):
Initial library release.
1.00001 (29/April/2002 16:00 GMT):
Fix for attempt to deallocate unassociated pointer in runpre.f90.
1.00002 (07/May/2002 10:00 GMT):
Fix for inefficient sort in QPP_order_row in qpp.f90.
1.00003 (10/May/2002 13:30 GMT):
Makefiles for non-default use of HSL_MA57 corrected
1.00004 (14/May/2002 09:30 GMT):
Fixes for too small dual variables/barrier terms in qpb.f90.
Fix for bad "range" section assignment in QPT_write_to_sif in qpt.f90.
Argument lists for MA27 subroutines updated in ma27s.f and ma27d.f.
1.00005 (15/May/2002 11:30 GMT):
Huge equality rhs/fixed variables handled correctly by QPP_reorder in qpp.f90.
prob%gradient_type properly initialized in runqpa.f90, runqpb.f90 and runpre.f90.
1.00006 (16/May/2002 13:30 GMT):
Fix to always allow output following successful run in runqpa.f90 and runqpb.f90.
1.00007 (05/June/2002 12:00 GMT):
Fix to stop large increase in store with automatic factors in qpb.f90.
Infinite bound default increased to 10**19 in qpa.f90, qpb.f90, lsqp.f90, runqpa.f90, runqpb.f90 and runpre.f90.
New warning diagonostic added to presolve.f90.
Diagonal rescaled when checking for dependencies in lsqp.f90.
Extra refinements allowed when residuals are small in lsqp.f90
Extra preproccsing stage added to detect free constraints in presolve.f90.
Skip fixed variables in QPT_write_to_sif in qpt.f90.
Ouput the sizes of the presolved problem in runqpb.f90.
1.00008 (25/June/2002 14:00 GMT):
Additional warning information added for all dummy HSL and MINPACK routines.
1.00009 (22/July/2002 10:30 GMT):
Fix for incorrectly perturbed equality constraints in qpa.f90.
Improve the way that active constraints are counted in runqpb.f90.
Guard against unwanted data growth in the reduced problem in presolve.f90.
Status vectors properly initialized in runpre.f90.
Avoid using default gradient values in QPT_write_to_sif in qpt.f90.

Last Update: July 22, 2002